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Caring for Your Pet in Your Challenger Home

One of the most exciting additions to your home is the inclusion of a pet! From cats and dogs, to everything in between, pets bring happiness to every family. Aside from making sure your pet has a safe and comfortable home to reside in, you will also want to make sure that you follow a few important rules for a happy and healthy pet. 

Make Sure Your Pet Receives Vaccinations and Regular Check-ups 

Making sure your pet receives their vaccinations is a step that pet owners will sometimes overlook. However, routine vaccinations are very important to their health, safety and overall development. In addition to routine vaccinations, annual exams can be the difference between catching a potential health issue early or having to handle a diagnosis once it’s too late. 

Consider Pet Insurance 

From medication to check-ups and even surgery, every pet owner knows that having a pet has the potential to be expensive. An option for pet owners is pet insurance, which can ultimately save you a lot of money. The purpose of pet insurance is to protect your pet from events you don’t anticipate and assist you financially. 

Dental Health

One often overlooked part of caring for your pet is paying attention to their dental health. Most veterinarians recommend brushing your pet’s teeth every day, even though that may be a hard thing to do. It’s important to brush your pet’s teeth as often as possible not just for fresh smelling breath, but also to remove tartar and other bacteria. Brushing teeth can also help prevent periodontal disease, which can harm an animal’s heart, lungs, kidney and liver.   

Routinely Groom Your Pet 

In addition to prioritizing your pet’s dental health, be sure to extend that grooming beyond their teeth. From cleaning their ears to regularly bathing, bruising their coats and clipping their nails – grooming will eliminate unhealthy conditions and can rid your pet of fleas and ticks. Another important reason to groom your pet is to eliminate shedding! Pet owners with cats or dogs that shed frequently may find fur on the floor, furniture and even on clothes, which can be frustrating. This is why grooming your pet is important, for both the cleanliness of your pet and your home. 

Don’t Forget Microchipping

Another commonly overlooked task to do for your pet is to make sure they are microchipped. The process is simple: a microchip is inserted under your pet’s skin, taking less than a second for a veterinarian to perform. If your pet were to run away, the chip can be scanned by a veterinarian or animal control office and returned to you. The simple, precautionary step can provide you as a pet owner, peace of mind in the event you ever lose your pet. 

If you are a pet owner and are also in the market for a new home, contact us to learn more about our neighborhood and available homes! 

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